Republicans Believes Evangelicals Are More Persecuted Than Muslims And Latinos

Supporters of Donald Trump at a campaign rally at the Prescott Valley Event Center in Prescott Valley, Arizona.Gage Skidmore / CC-BY-2.0 / Flickr

Most Republicans reported thinking evangelical Christians are more persecuted than minority groups.

The latest polls conducted by the Pew Research Center found that most Republicans and right-leaning Americans think evangelical Christians experience similar or higher levels of discrimination as Muslims, women, and Latino, black, and LGBTQ individuals, Think Progress reports.

The study released Monday showed that, overall, people widely agree that particular groups face repeated discrimination in American society. Out of the 1,503 respondents, about 82% believed that Muslims face discrimination of some kind. 80% reported believing so for black Americans, 76% for Latino people, and 75% for LGBTQ people.

But when the numbers were broken down by party affiliation, there were significant differences. While 75 percent of Democrat and Democrat-leaning people responded thinking Muslims face "a lot" of discrimination, only 34 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning individuals said the same.

16 percent and 59 percent of both Republicans and Republican-leaners reported believing Latino face high or moderate levels of discrimination, respectively, compared to 58 percent and 89 percent, respectively, among the left.

But right-leaning individuals tended to believe that evangelical Christians experienced the highest level of prejudice overall. 70 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaners reported that the group faced at least "some" discrimination and 30 percent reported that they faced "a lot."

In contrast, Democrats said 32 percent of the group faced "some" discrimination, while only eight percent said they experienced "a lot."

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