Republican Senators Run When Asked Where They Stand On Trump’s Impeachment


Many Senate Republicans admitted to not yet reading the whistleblower’s complaint, others continue to support Trump.

Despite the whistleblower’s complaint--released Thursday--that President Donald Trump sought out Ukrainian help in interfering in the 2020 election, and the White House tried to cover it up, many Senate Republicans remain afraid to speak out, according to CNN

Several Republican Senators, when asked about the whistleblower complaint, admitted they had not yet read it, while others don’t believe the complaint will change anything.

Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford and North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven both haven’t read the full complaint.

Indiana Sen. Mike Braun hasn’t read it either, but he doesn’t believe it will change Republican’s views of impeachment. Furthermore, Democrats are making a mistake beginning the impeachment inquiry before knowing more about the complaint.

Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander said he has not read the complaint. He’s “waiting for the intelligence committee to finish its work.”

Ohio Sen. Rob Portman has not read it and would not comment.

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton was asked if he was concerned the White House was censoring information and replied, “no comment.”

Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, will “have a better idea of how credible [the whistleblower] is later this afternoon.”

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has “more questions than answers” after reading the complaint.

Idaho Sen. Jim Risch, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, says there was “nothing there” concerning the rough transcript of President Trump’s call with President Zelensky.

South Dakota Sen. Mike Rounds said “they are using second-hand information right now. Let’s let the committee investigate it.”

Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst has not read the complaint in its entirety, saying, “I am going to have to dig into it.”

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