Republican Sen. Mike Lee Says Fact-Checking Is A Form Of Censorship

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Sen. Mike Lee said social media companies are censoring content by doing fact-checks or labeling posts.

Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah said during a hearing on Wednesday that fact-checking is a form of censorship, according to Business Insider.

The Senate commerce committee held the hearing with CEOs of Twitter, Facebook, and Google to discuss Section 230 and Republicans' concerns about censorship online — they've accused the companies of discriminating against conservative views on their platforms.

Addressing the CEOs on their content-moderation policies, Lee claimed they were disproportionately applied to conservative ideologies.

"When I use the word 'censor' here, I'm meaning blocked content, fact-check, or labeled content, or demonetized websites of conservative, Republican, or pro-life individuals or groups or companies," Lee said.

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Lee also claimed he has not seen such censorship of high-profile politicians or commentators on the left.

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