Republican Party Official Resigns From GOP, Claims Party Is Now A Cult


Marion County GOP Precinct Committeeman Ed Adams resigned from the Republican party over Trump's impeachment process.

Marion County GOP Precinct Committeeman Ed Adams resigned from the Republican party over President Donald Trump's impeachment process, according to The Indy Star.

"After watching the impeachment process transpire, it has become patently obvious that nothing remains of the party I knew and faithfully served," Adams said. He has been a Republican since 1984 when he voted for President Ronald Reagan.

During the impeachment process, he realized that he no longer wanted to be affiliated with the party and what Donald Trump has changed within it. He stated that, "at some point Trump will be done. He'll be gone. But the question is, what's left? But right now I just don't see anything left."

However, Adams believes that it is more than Trump who has contributed to the changes. He mentioned Republican Senators and House Republicans who gave a blind eye to Trump's wrongdoings. "For the life of me I don't understand why people don't want the truth. American people deserve the truth—and why are you enabling the hiding of truth? It has become the party of Donald Trump with cultish enthusiasm."

Ed Adams resigned from his position in the Republican party because he believes the party is now a cult.

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Rose Rabbit
Rose Rabbit

Not my parents' Republican Party. Eisenhower's platform looked more like that of the Obama Administration than that of Trumpism. Republican Party desperately needs new leadership if we are ever to make and keep American Great Again.


I have some news for you. The republican platform of 1956 was far left of even Democratic Platforms of today. Fascism has infected our party also. Our leadership is just as corrupt as the GOP.

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