Republican Party Donates $170,000 To Support Roy Moore


Now that GOP leadership has backed away from harsh criticism and Trump has endorsed Moore, the RNC has followed suit.

Following President Donald Trump's lead in endorsing Senate candidate Roy Moore, the Republican Party has cast its support behind the former Alabama judge after parting ways last month.

An RNC official confirmed late Monday that the committee would once again be supporting Moore after severing its fundraising ties to his campaign last month. On Tuesday, the official said the RNC had made two transfers to the state party: one for $50,000 and another for $120,000.

Allegations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls while in his 30s resulted in the RNC and prominent Republicans distancing themselves from Moore, but his campaign has rebounded since the first accusations were made public and GOP leadership has changed its tune.

Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell, who once called on Moore to get out of the race, changed his rhetoric over the weekend to say that it was Alabama voters who should decide.

"I think he's going to do very well. We don't want to have a liberal Democrat in Alabama, believe me," Trump said Tuesday during a lunch with Republican senators. "We want strong borders, we want stopping crime, we want to have the things that we represent and we certainly don't want to have a liberal Democrat that's controlled by Nancy Pelosi and controlled by Chuck Schumer, we don't want to have that for Alabama."