Republican National Committee Blames President Obama For Russian Interference

Screengrab / RNC / Twitter

The RNC blamed the Obama administration for failing to stop Russian interference in the 2016 election.

The Republican National Committee quickly tried to twist the 448-page redacted report from special counsel Robert Mueller to blame former President Barack Obama, but it instantly received swift justice from Twitter, The Raw Story reported.

“Russia interfered on Obama’s watch," the headline of the GOP's press release on Thursday reads, falsely claiming that “well before the 2016 election, the Obama admin was aware of Russia’s intentions to interfere in the 2016 [election], and decided to do absolutely nothing about it.”

NPR political commentator Scott Detrow commented that the GOP’s take was an "interesting spin." Josh Lederman of NBC News said that the RNC is "seizing on the factoid" that the Russian Internet Research Agency's "interference attempts" started in 2014 under the Obama Administration.

Other users continued to explain their thoughts on the RNC statement more bluntly. "Embarrassing and traitorous," one user tweeted.

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