Republican LEO Who Served 28 Yrs: I’m Voting “Blue No Matter Who” This Election

Screengrab / Republican Voters Against Trump / YouTube


Jon said he would sooner vote for a "can of red tomatoes" before casting his ballot for President Trump.

An veteran law enforcement officer who served 28 years on the force said in a video for Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT) that he would sooner vote for a “can of red tomatoes” than President Donald Trump.

  • Jon expressed in the video that he is angry with the president for the way he continues dividing the country: “As a proud patriot American having served 28 years law enforcement, I am absolutely if not devastated but angry the way our current president is fueling the hate, fueling the mob mentality.”
  • He continued: “Having voted Republican all my life, I would vote for a can of red tomatoes if there was two choices on the ballot: Trump or a can of red tomatoes.”
  • His extended family is “so appalled” by the president, Jon said, that “they will vote ‘blue no matter who’” in the upcoming election. “The message needs to be sent,” he added.

"I served 28 years protecting and serving, and I’m all for people coming together from both sides aisle. … Please, please folks, vote this man out to make American great again. Let’s make America kind."



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