Republican Lawmaker Seeks To Bring Space Aliens To Salvation Through Jesus

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“IF aliens are real, salvation through Jesus Christ is the only way they enter Heaven."

A Republican state congressman in Texas was met with mockery on Friday after saying that any space aliens who come to Earth would have to accept Jesus Christ into their hearts if they want a shot at eternity in heaven.

  • Texas State Rep. Jonathan Stickland’s comments came in response to a New York Times report that the Pentagon’s UFO Unit would be making some of its findings public.
  • “IF aliens are real, salvation through Jesus Christ is the only way they enter Heaven,” Stickland wrote on Twitter, where he describes himself as a “Christian Conservative Liberty-Loving Republican.”

  • The mockery was instant.
  • One Twitter user wrote: “Maybe they have their own sky god(s). Maybe THEY created us. Maybe your god was a precocious child of theirs that ran away and made a mess in a mud puddle. All this and more is possible.”

  • Another user responded: “A little too early to be smoking weed dude.”

  • And yet another user wrong: “I for one would love to see Jeffress baptize little green men in the $7mm fountain at @firstdallas that they won't let the homeless cool off in.”

  • One took aim at the theology underlying Stickland’s remarks, saying, “I’d actually really love to see him unpack this theologically,” and adding: “For example, in his worldview how the heck do they get original sin? They ain’t sons of Adam…”

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Hilarious! Especially the fact that aliens are somewhat more likely than his invisible cloud-dwelling wizard.


This is to laugh out loud at the stupid religion

Cleopatra $
Cleopatra $

I becoming to think this country has to many mentally ill people.


Rubber Room time

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