Republican Lawmaker Chides Young People For Voting

Screengrab/WISN 12 News/YouTube

Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman believes America's youth vote Democrat because it's the "cool thing to do."

Wisconsin Rep. Glenn Grothman doesn’t seem to think much of young Americans’ ability to consider political issues and make an informed decision at the ballot box; rather, Grothman thinks voting Democrat has become the “cool thing to do” among American youth.

Via The Capital Times:

> Somehow, during the past two years, the town of Glenbeulah Republican asserts, voting Democratic among young people has become the “cool thing to do.”


> “I think culturally, there are both young people and — I don’t know what you call them — young professionals, who feel it’s the in thing to do,” he said. “I think there’s an element of it’s fashionable.”

The Times noted that Grothman is not known for his political correctness, but his controversial statements so far have not hampered his career in politics:

> He served five terms in the Wisconsin Assembly, another decade in the Senate, then successfully ran for the state’s 6th Congressional District. After two terms in the House, he ran what he considered the toughest race of his career, and came out of it with a comfortable 11-point advantage.

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