Republican Lawmaker Attacks U.S. Media For Degrading ‘Family Values’

The GOP congressman seemed more upset by the media repeating Trump's "shithole" slur than the fact that he said it.

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, like many Americans was upset by the word "shithole" floating around media reports of late.

But unlike many Americans, Smith was not upset that President Donald Trump used the term to disparage immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries - he was upset that the media kept repeating the word.

“We already knew from their daily attacks that the media disdained the president. What we didn’t know with a certainty until last week was that the media also disdained the American family,” Smith said in a House floor speech.

“How else to explain their front-paging and televising at all hours a four-letter expletive that would be seen by children across America?” he asked.

Rather than dispute or defend Trump's use of the word, Smith chose to lament the sorry state of affairs when media would say or print it without censorship:

“There was a time when the media would show some respect for family values, but no more,” he said.