Republican Lawmaker Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A Drugged Woman



Rep. Brian Ellis is accused sexually assaulting a woman who had been drugged while the two were at the same bar.

State Republican Rep. Brian Ellis of Pennsylvania is under investigation by the Dauphin County DA for a sexual assault in Harrisburg in 2015. According to PennLive, the incident occurred in October 2015 when the woman and Ellis were at a bar, and she had eventually taken a hard fall. Representatives for the woman stated that she believed she was drugged that night then later was taken to Ellis’ residence where he assaulted her.

An advocate, Jennifer Storm, called for the resignation of Rep. Ellis and that House leadership had appeared as “sensitive and supportive” in the woman’s claims.

“As you can imagine, this is an incredibly scary and emotional experience and there are work factors at play... So I think she is an incredibly brave and courageous woman for wanting to come forward and wanting to protect other women in the Capitol building and wanting people to know who this guy really is.” -Victim Advocate Jennifer Storm


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