Republican Guilty Of Child Sex-Trafficking Supported 'Bathroom Bill'

Ralph Shortey(image credit: mugshot)

An Oklahoma lawmaker who recently plead guilty to child sex trafficking voted in favor of Oklahoma's bathroom bill.

Republican lawmaker Ralph Shortey voted in favor of Oklahoma's anti-trans bathroom bill under the false pretense of protecting children from sexual predators. Just recently, Shortey pleaded guilty to child sex-trafficking.

Stevenson described one encounter with Shortey ahead of a vote on an anti-transgender "bathroom bill" in which the lawmaker allegedly told Stevenson that while he couldn't vote against the measure because it would inflame his Christian base, he would abstain. "Then, not 12 hours later, he sits in the committee and voted in the bill," Stevenson lamented.

Shortey publicly targeted members of the LGBTQ community.

This was not the first time Shortey voted against the state's LGBTQ community because of his Christian beliefs. He routinely voted with his Republican colleagues on bills targeting gay and transgender people, including a measure passed earlier this year that would allow business owners to discriminate against gay people.