Republican Governors Rebel Against White House's Anti-Refugee Stance


To date, no governors have taken up Trump's offer to bar refugees from coming to their states.

President Donald Trump has referred to refugees as a “Trojan horse” and sought to significantly slash the number of those resettled in the United States by the thousands, but not all Republicans are on board with his views on the matter.

In fact, as Gregory A. Mantis recently noted on Twitter, no fewer than 15 Republican governors are bucking Trump’s position and asking for more refugees to be resettled in their states.

A Washington Post editorial noted that along with dropping refugee admissions to a 40-year low of 18,000 in the current fiscal year, Trump also “issued an executive order this fall allowing states and localities to veto refugee resettlements.”

But Republican governors in Nebraska, Utah and Tennessee have openly said they will welcome refugees into their states. And to date, no governor has taken the president up on his offer.

“Whether some do in coming months may be a barometer of the president’s success in turning the United States into a fearful, trembling nation, wary of newcomers — in effect, the opposite of the principles on which America was founded,” The Post concluded.

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