Republican Candidate With Penchant For Writing “Bigfoot Erotica” Wins House Race

Screengrab/WUVA News/YouTube

Neither his fascination with Bigfoot nor his ties to a white supremacist kept voters from electing Denver Riggleman.

Republican congressional candidate Denver Riggleman beat Democrat Leslie Cockburn on Tuesday, earning him the U.S. House seat for Virginia’s 5th Congressional District.

And now for the interesting part: Riggleman wrote a book called Mating Habits of Bigfoot and Why Women Want Him, but voters didn’t seem to mind.

From The Cut:

> In what has to be the strangest race in the midterms, Riggelman beat Cockburn by seven points, according to the New YorkTimes.


> We learned about Riggleman and his Bigfoot book in July, when Cockburn tweeted out a screenshot from Riggleman’s Instagram. The post showed a buff, naked drawing of Bigfoot, with a very large censor bar covering Bigfoot’s privates. “Don’t erase the censor box…” Riggleman had captioned the post.

Riggleman tweeted back in defense of his Instagram post, saying the drawing was artwork for the cover of his book, adding that it was “meant to be funny” and the book wasn’t even really sexual in nature.

Aside from the fascination with Bigfoot, which is merely weird, Riggleman — who received President Donald Trump’s endorsement — also campaigned with a white supremacist.

This fact did not deter Republican voters, either.

> He was videotaped with Isaac Smith, the co-founder of Unity and Security for America, which the Southern Poverty Law Centercategorizes as a white nationalist group.