Republican Candidate Shared David Duke Video Attacking Black Americans

Screengrab / WisconsinEye / YouTube


Republican candidate David Armstrong shared a David Duke video and tweets supporting the Confederate flag.

In 2015, amid discussion on removing the Confederate flag from public places and reparations for Black Americans, David Armstrong — a Republican running for the Wisconsin state Assembly — responded by defending the Confederate flag and sharing a video of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

  • According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Armstrong tweeted the Duke video in the weeks after a white supremacist murdered nine Black people in a Charleston, South Carolina, church.
  • The video made the claim of "slavery's dirtiest secrets exposed” and involved the former KKK leader making “the dubious claim that Blacks are more likely than whites to have ancestors who owned slaves in antebellum America.”
  • Duke proclaimed that this fact undermines arguments attempting to justify "discrimination against whites" today, The Sentinel wrote.
  • Armstrong wrote alongside the video, "Apologies are due to who by whom?"
  • Around the same time, Armstrong posted tweets supporting the Confederate flag.

These controversial tweets had been scrubbed from Armstrong's feed but could be recovered last week through a search of the Twitter archives. This week, he made all of his tweets private.

  • Armstrong told The Sentinel that he is not now nor never has been a supporter of the KKK or Duke and said he had not watched the entire video.
  • However, the Republican was not apologetic about the tweets in support of the Confederate flag.

"While I don’t own one or fly one and never would, it is still a part of the history of our nation," Armstrong said, "and there are some who believe it represents one thing and others who believe it represents something else."

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