Republican Campaign Staffer Indicted For Election Fraud

Scott Taylor served as U.S. Representative for Virginia from 2017-2019 before being unseated by Dem. Delaine Luria.Photo courtesy of the U.S. Congress / Public Domain

A staffer on former Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA)’s unsuccessful 2018 campaign was indicted for forging signatures.

A staffer on the unsuccessful 2018 re-election campaign for former Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA) has been indicted on charges of election fraud, Talking Points Memo reports. The special prosecutor leading the investigation also noted on Monday that “the lack of cooperation of key individuals” has been a roadblock for the ongoing inquiry.

Lauren Creekmore was one in the handful of Taylor’s staffers who collected and submitted sheets with forged signatures to help put an independent’s name on the ballot in 2018. Taylor’s campaign hoped that the move would split Democratic voters.

On Monday, special prosecutor Don Caldwell said that he issued two indictments against a person identified by a county clerk as Lauren Creekmore, who a grand jury indicted for election fraud and false statements.

Caldwell said in his statement that the investigation was “continuing,” noting that, though Taylor has been cooperative throughout the probe, “at this point in time, what actually happened within the campaign headquarters is still a subject of investigation due primarily to the lack of cooperation of key individuals with the [Virginia State Police] investigator.”

“The full explanation of what happened will hopefully be answered in the months to come,” he said.

Suspicions around Taylor’s campaign first emerged in August, when media sources reported that a signature from a dead man appeared on a signature sheet to put former Democratic congressional candidate Shaun Brown on ballots, but listed as an independent.

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