Republican Blindness Beyond the End of Their Noses

Problem solving skills are out of stock as Republicans are in control

The problem with Trump and most Republicans, is that they don't have a clue what causes human problems. If you don't understand the cause, then the solution has no chance of being effective.

Republicans and Trump can see nothing beyond the end of their noses. Therefore, they seek simple solutions and the real solutions do not exist in the terrain inside their nose tip view, which is mostly just a consideration of how they can benefit financially.

Problems are systemic. Wise and knowledgable people understand that to solve problems, one has to address it systemically. Otherwise, the whackamole concept is at work and never more proudly than now with Trump and the Republicans.

Why are immigrants here? There are numerous reasons. Many are fleeing a "burning building," as one commentator points out. You cannot send people back to a burning building, a metaphor describing extreme danger posed by cruel dictators, as Trump aspires to be. Some are here to provide cheap labor for those corporations that wish to employ them.

Building walls is not a solution to so-called illegal immigration. Solutions address working with other nations to assist in providing safety to fleeing people and addressing the emerging dictatorships and looking at the problem of cheap labor in the U S. None of that is being discussed.

If we want effective and intelligent solutions, we must elect people who are competent and understand the issues. That eliminates the current Republican party.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)