Report: Wisconsin Lost 10% Of Its Dairy Farms Last Year Amid Trump’s Trade Wars


Wisconsin lost 819 dairy farms in 2019, a loss that represents a consequence of his ongoing trade war with China.

Data from Wisconsin’s Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection shows that the state lost 10 percent of its dairy farmers last year, according to Business Insider

This loss represented the biggest one-year drop on record, and expressed the negative impact of Trump’s trade war on a swing state critical to his reelection campaign. 

Wisconsin lost 819 dairy farms in 2019, while 7,292 remained open. According to the American Farm Bureau, the state leads the nation in the number of farm bankruptcies. 

After Trump launched his trade war against China in 2018, China responded by instituting hundreds of billions of dollars worth of tariffs on American products -- China slashed its purchases of American dairy products by 50 percent. 

The state’s 11 electoral votes went to Trump by 23,000 votes in 2016, less than one percentage point, that foreshadows a promise to make it another key battleground in the 2020 election.

The trade war caused the government to dish out a $28 billion bailout package to farmers that have suffered significant business losses, but the Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit organization, found in a study released in November that wealthier farmers have drawn larger payments compared to poorer ones. 

Despite President Trump’s continual reassurances that outsiders would pay the brunt of the trade war, the National Bureau of Economic Research found that consumers paid for “approximately 100 percent” of the tariffs in the form of increased prices.

Both China and the United States will begin a “phase one” agreement that will deescalate the trade war on Wednesday. 

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