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The White House shelved a detailed report from the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, which served to advise local officials with step-by-step instructions on reopening public spaces during the coronavirus pandemic, according to The Hill.

An Associated Press report released on Thursday indicates the CDC issued a 17-page document titled “Guidance for Implementing the Opening Up America Again Framework.” The guidance was created by the nation’s public health experts to guide state officials on when and how to reopen public facilities such as mass transit, day care centers, summer camps, restaurants and churches.

The guide book reportedly contains flow charts for considering alternate scenarios for reopening. Specific instructions such as for restaurants to install sneeze guards at cash registers are also included. The document is reportedly more detailed than the “Opening Up America Again” guidelines released by the White House in April.

The report was on track to be published last Friday, but agency scientists were later informed that it “would never see the light of day,” a CDC official told the AP.

“On April 16, President Trump released guidelines for opening America up again. Those guidelines made clear that each state should open up in a safe and responsible way based on the data and response efforts in those individual states,” a White House coronavirus task force member said, speaking anonymously.

“Issuing overly specific instructions—that CDC leadership never cleared—for how various types of businesses open up would be overly prescriptive and broad for the various circumstances states are experiencing throughout the country. Guidance in rural Tennessee shouldn’t be the same guidance for urban New York City,” the task force member added.

The White House coronavirus task force has become less visible in recent weeks, as President Donald Trump focuses more on economic relief plans with governors.

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