Report: US Contractors Accused Of Funding Taliban Attacks Against US Troops


A group of companies allegedly made protection payments to the Taliban which funded attacks on American service members.

A group of companies is being sued by nearly 400 people who were either wounded while serving in the U.S. military in Afghanistan or are family members of service members who died in the conflict for allegedly helping fund attacks against Americans by making protection payments to the Taliban, according to Courthouse News

“Defendants supported the Taliban for a simple reason: Defendants were all large Western companies with lucrative businesses in post 9/11 Afghanistan, and they all paid the Taliban to refrain from attacking their business interests,” the 288-page complaint filed in federal court in Washington, D.C. states. “Those protection payments aided and abetted terrorism by directly funding an al-Qaeda-backed Taliban insurgency that killed and injured thousands of Americans.” 

The companies that operated in war-torn Afghanistan allegedly cooperated in the Taliban’s mob-style demands for payment in exchange for guarantees that their interests would not be attacked.

Those payments climbed as high as 40 percent of the value of one company’s project.

The complaint continues to state that “Defendants decided that buying off the terrorists was the most efficient way to operate their businesses while managing their own security risks--even though doing so jeopardized other American lives.”

The complaint names the South African telecom firm MTN, London-based G4S Holdings International and its subsidiaries, the Palm Beach Gardens, Florida company Centerra Group, the Bethsda, Maryland company DAI Global, the Lenoir City, Tennessee firm Janus Global Operations, Overland Park, Kansas’ Black & Veatch Special Projects, and the Canadian company Louis Berger Group and its subsidiaries and affiliates. 

The lawsuit is being brought under the Anti-Terrorism Act and seeks unspecified damages. 

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