Report: Ukraine Still Hasn't Received $35 Million Of Approved Military Aid


The Pentagon did not provide a reason for the delay of congressionally approved military aid to Ukraine.

Approximately $35 million in congressionally approved military aid to Ukraine has not been delivered to the U.S. ally, despite the White House previously stating that it had been, according to Yahoo News

The money was reportedly earmarked for grenade launchers, secure communications, and naval combat craft, yet has not left the U.S. Treasury. A Pentagon spokesperson told the Los Angeles Times that it would be released “over the next several weeks,” but did not provide a reason for the delay. 

“As a general matter, security assistance funds are not transferred directly to the recipient nation, but to the Military Departments and their respective program offices, which obligate the funds under contracts with the companies providing the relevant goods and services,” Lt. Col. Thomas Campbell, a Defense Department spokesperson, wrote in an email.

The Defense Department “is committed to obligating these funds as quickly as possible in accordance with contracting procedures as required by law,” he added. 

The delayed $35.2 million is part of the $400 million military aid package the President Trump held over Ukraine, which sparked an impeachment inquiry into whether he did so for his own political benefit.  

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That's what he had been doing all along .he wanted to use that payment as this could benefit the political adventage . As the most crooks usually do .

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