Report: U.S. Ranked Worst For Workers’ Rights Among Major Economies


The International Trade Union Confederation rated the U.S. at a 4 on its scale: “systematic violations of rights.”

Bloomberg News reports that according to a recent survey of labor unions, the United States has the worst record for workers’ rights among major developed nations.

  • The International Trade Union Confederation released its Global Rights Index, ranking nations by the degree to which there are violations of rights.
  • The United States ranked at 4, meaning there are “systematic violations of rights.”
  • The United States is the only nation in the Group of Seven to rank so low. Every other Group of Seven country rated a 3 or higher.
  • The International Trade Union Congress states that globally, the situation for workers has worsened: violations of rights are at a seven-year high.
  • “Excluding countries where there are no rights due to a breakdown of the rule of law,” Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Honduras, India, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Turkey, and Zimbabwe are the ten lowest ranked nations at a score of 5: “no guarantee of rights.”
  • European nations dominate the group ranked at 1 for “sporadic violations of rights.” Uruguay is the only non-European nation at this rank, which also includes Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, Ireland and Germany.

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