Report: Two US Senators Implicated In Trump’s Ukraine Scandal, According To NYT

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Two U.S. senators reportedly informed Ukraine's president that he would only get the aid if he complied with Trump.

By early September, it had become clear to Ukraine President Volodymyr that his country would not receive U.S. military aid until he publicly announced investigations into political opponents of President Donald Trump, according to a recent New York Times report.

And among those implicated in Trump's scheme were two American lawmakers, the report said:

“Only Mr. Trump could unlock the aid, he had been told by two United States senators, and time was running out. If the money, nearly $400 million, were not unblocked by the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30, it could be lost in its entirety.”

The senators remained unnamed in The Times’ story.

Zelensky’s office reportedly was putting a plan in place to acquiesce to Trump’s requirements, after much internal debate over the move, which caused unease within the new president’s administration.

The Times reported that “interviews in Kiev with government officials, lawmakers and others close to the Zelensky government have revealed new details of how high-level Ukrainian officials ultimately decided to acquiesce to President Trump’s request — and, by a stroke of luck, never had to follow through.”

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Likely Ron Johnson, WI and Rand Paul, KY. Both made trips to Russia last year, among some other Senators.


Might be, Could be, Lindsay? It goes along with why he's such a flaming... Trump supporter.

paul scott
paul scott

More drivel from >The Socialist < Heads of State routinely talk on matters of common interest. The problem was the billion-dollar blackmail which Biden was involved in, in 2014 , but no-one reading this junk will ever get above low information propaganda.


This is just over the top now.

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