Report: Trump WH Funding Efforts To Strip American Citizens Of Their Citizenship


Under the Trump administration, 20 million naturalized citizens are at risk for being investigated and targeted.

Under Operation Janus and Operation Second Look, the Trump administration’s mass denaturalization campaign, America’s 20 million naturalized citizens are at risk for being investigated and then deported over flaws in their naturalization process, according to The American Prospect

Although the Obama administration followed a half-century tradition that avoided denaturalization in all but most extreme cases, President Trump has signaled a drastic change. 

“The Trump administration is spending more than $200M to investigate more than 700,000 citizens with the goal of denaturalizing them. By contrast, the average number of people denaturalized from 1990-2016: 11.” (via Prof. Don Moynihan / Georgetown University)

This a large scale attack on citizenship.

While a Department of Justice policy states that denaturalization proceedings should not be brought against those who have been citizens for decades, have close ties to U.S. citizens, and have no criminal record, by statute, citizenship can be revoked for fraud as well as minor errors made by either the individual or the government in the naturalization process. 

Parvez Manzoor Khan, a 62-year-old truck driver from Branford, Florida entered the U.S. illegally in 1991. However, he learned English, met and married his U.S. citizen wife, and fulfilled all the legal requirements to obtain citizenship, filing documents with immigration officials and showing up to all his hearings. 

The government argues that he can be denaturalized because he arrived in the United States under another name. 

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