Report: Trump Was An Hour Late To His Meeting With Prince Charles



President Trump reportedly kept Prince Charles and Camilla waiting for nearly an hour for their scheduled tea.

President Donald Trump reportedly kept Prince Charles waiting for nearly an hour on Tuesday morning, as he and First Lady Melania Trump arrived late for tea with Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cambridge.

According to Vanity Fair, the Trumps were slated to meet the couple at Charles’ residence at 5:10 p.m., ahead of a reception at Buckingham Palace. But the American leader did not arrive until 6:05 p.m.

Trump and his wife stayed for only about 15 minutes, CNN reported.

The incident was reminiscent of Trump’s meeting with Queen Elizabeth last year, Vanity Fair noted, when the president kept Her Majesty waiting for tea as well.

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One of his typical, insulting "power moves". Like not deigning to pay his bills, or follow our Constitution.

Dolores 1954
Dolores 1954

Why on Earth can he not use common decency in his warped thinking? It's incredibly rude even if it's not royalty to be so late for a scheduled visit. He's such an EMBARRASSMENT. They are probably STILL talking about how crude and rude he is.


Why would the Royals want to meet with that bafoon ???

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