Report: Trump Wants A 14-Day Notice If Democrats Obtain His NY Tax Returns.


Trump asked a federal judge to require that he be notified if the House Democrats plan on obtaining his NY tax returns.

President Donald Trump’s lawyers asked Judge Carl Nichols to require that he be notified if House Democrats choose to seek out his New York state tax returns, according to The Hill

Trump’s lawyers, in a court document filed late Wednesday, asked Nichols to grant one of two proposed relief options.

The first option would see Nichols issuing an order requiring House Democrats to give the president and the court a heads up at least 14 days before Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal (D-Mass.) makes a request for his state tax returns.

The second option would be for Nichols to issue an order that would require New York officials to notify the president and the court if a request is made and to wait at least 14 days before complying with it. 

Nichols, a federal district court judge in D.C. that was appointed by Trump, ordered New York officials not to provide any requested Trump tax returns until one week after he ruled on Trump’s lawsuit in July, which sought to block Democrats’ ability to obtain his state tax returns. 

That order expires on Nov. 18, however. 

Trump’s lawyers hope to extend the emergency relief and argued that they want to prevent the case from becoming moot before it can be heard in court.

Yet, the House’s lawyers wanted an opportunity to respond in writing to the document that Trump’s lawyers filed Tuesday, citing their Constitutional immunity under the speech or debate clause. 

Nichols sided with the House on Thursday and ordered that congressional defendants have until Friday at 10 a.m. to respond to Trump’s filing and scheduled a hearing for Monday at 2 p.m.

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