Report: Trump Took Home $750K Of Art From Residence Of US Ambassador To France

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead / Public Domain


President Trump decided he wanted to take several pieces of art from the home of U.S. Ambassador Jamie McCourt.

President Donald Trump reportedly took $750,000 worth of art from the residence of the U.S. ambassador to France in 2018, after he canceled his visit to a cemetery to commemorate troops killed in World War I.

From Business Insider:

President Donald Trump took home art from the residence of the US ambassador to France during the 2018 visit in which he canceled a journey to visit American World War I dead, according to a new Bloomberg report.

According to the outlet, the transfer caused tension between officials but was deemed legal because the pieces were US property.

All the pieces were discovered to be copies and replicas, the report said, but one unnamed source told Bloomberg the art was worth a combine $750,000.

According to the report, the pieces included “a bust and a portrait of Benjamin Franklin as well as figurines of Greek mythical characters.” U.S. Ambassador Jamie McCourt reportedly was "startled" by the president's request but did not object.

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