Report: Trump Told Head Of CBP That If He Broke The Law, He’d Pardon Him

Caption: President Trump attends a briefing about illegal immigration and illicit drug smuggling with U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan at CBP’s National Targeting Center in Sterling, Virginia, Feb. 2. DHS photo by Jetta DiscoCredit: Public Domain


President Trump was speaking to agents at the border at the time.

CNN is reporting that President Donald Trump told the commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, Kevin McAleenan, that if he was jailed for breaking immigration law, that he would pardon him. Trump had just spoken to border agents, telling them to block asylum seekers from entering the US, which is against US law. It was not clear if the comment was meant as a joke and the Department of Homeland Security has responded saying “At no time has the President indicated, asked, directed or pressured the Acting Secretary to do anything illegal. Nor would the Acting Secretary take actions that are not in accordance with our responsibility to enforce the law.” McAleenan has been named acting secretary of the DHS.

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