Report: Trump Struggled Reading Constitution, Compared It To A Foreign Language


Trump agreed to participate in an HBO documentary and struggled to read the U.S. Constitution.

A newly published book recalled when President Donald Trump struggled to read the U.S. Constitution, comparing it to a “foreign language,” according to The Washington Post

The 2018 Pulitzer Prize winning authors wrote “A Very Stable Genius” -- a 417-page book named after Trump -- that was “intended to reveal Trump at his most unvarnished.”

One such instance was early on in Trump’s presidency. The novice commander in chief agreed to participate in an HBO documentary that featured judges and lawmakers, as well as all the living presidents, reading aloud from the Constitution.

Trump struggled to read the text and blamed others in the room for his mistakes, ultimately concluding: “It’s like a foreign language.”

The book is based on hundreds of hours of interviews with more than 200 sources, corroborated when possible.

One government aide told the authors that Trump has destroyed the significance and allure that used to surround the presidency, regardless of the Oval Office occupant. 

“‘He’s ruined that magic,’ this aide said of Trump,” Rucker and Leonnig write. “‘The disdain he shows for our country’s foundation and its principles. The disregard he has for right and wrong. Your fist clenches. Your teeth grate.’”

Anthony Scaramucci, who served as Trump’s communications director for just 11 days, once asked the president, “Are you an act?”

“I’m a total act and I don’t understand why people don’t get it,” Trump replied. 

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