Report: Trump Spends Lunch Eating Cheese Burgers And Screaming At His TV

Donald Trump / Instragram


Trump will typically eat “plates” of cheeseburgers and chicken and scream at the TV when it gives him bad news.

The Independent reports that President Trump spends his lunch time yelling at the television while eating plates of chicken and cheeseburgers with Mike Pence.

Trump has abandoned the presidential tradition of holding one-on-one meals with the vice president. Trump invites his and Pence’s aides to the lunches in the small dining room off the Oval Office. Aides say they have walked into the room to see Trump “yelling at the TV as he sits with Pence and their deputies over plates of chicken and cheeseburgers.”

If Trump is angered by something he sees on TV, he will sometimes stop the lunch to send for advisors to discuss possible responses.

Trump has recently attacked U.S. media outlets of being “corrupt and getting worse.” On Sunday, he claimed that New York Times journalists “lie and cheat any way possible.”

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