Report: Trump’s ‘Virtually Impenetrable’ Wall Knocked Over By Wind


President Trump's 30 foot border wall was blown over by high winds, according to border patrol officers.

High winds caused a section of Donald Trump’s border wall between the U.S. and Mexico to blow over, according to the Guardian

U.S. border patrol officers reported that the steel panels, more than 30 feet high, began to lean at a sharp angle on the border between the Caliornian town of Calexico and Mexicali in Mexico amid gusts on Wednesday.

The section of wall was under construction at the time, with concrete anchors being put in place. Before the concrete had cured, however, strong winds blew the panels over onto the Mexican side of the border.

“Luckily, Mexican authorities responded quickly and were able to divert traffic from the nearby street,” said border patrol agent Carlos Pitones. Pitones said the panels were being retrieved from the Mexican side and re-erected.

“CBP [Customs and Border Protection] will work with the construction contractor to mitigate the impact of high winds as construction continues,” Pitones said. 

The section of the wall is part of a wider construction effort by the Trump administration to enhance the more than 1,954-mile border barrier with Mexico. 

Trump initially envisioned a concrete wall, but has since backtracked and instead focused on building a barrier where there is currently nothing on the border. 

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