Report: Trump’s Virginia Winery Recruited Undocumented Immigrants

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The undocumented workers often did not receive overtime pay or other benefits.

Univision reports that more Hispanic immigrants are coming forward to say they worked for the Trump organization without legal documents. Seven of these undocumented employees said they worked at Trump’s winery in Virginia. The employees worked long hours with no pay for overtime.

One of the immigrants, who spoke anonymously, said, “I’ve been here for six or five years.” he was hired after presenting false and unverified documents. The Trump Organization never confirmed the authenticity of the documents. He said, “They’ve never asked me for anything, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.”

Another anonymous employee speculated that the company pretends not to know the truth. "Yes, they know you are undocumented, because if you look (closely) at the Social Security papers that are handed to them, they’re false,'' he said. "The process is simple. They give you your application, and they find a way for you to fill it out,'' he said.

There is also a luxury hotel on the grounds of the vineyard which similarly hires undocumented workers, such as Marlly Peña. Peña says she bought false documents in 2015 and was hired after an interview. Her interviewers did not ask for her documents. Peña quit her job in a hospital cleaning doctors’ offices, where she made $13 an hour. She expected to make more money at the luxury hotel. Yet, the hiring officer told her she would only be paid $10 an hour, less than she was making at her previous job.

Martha Peña, Marlly’s cousin, also worked at the hotel and said she came in at seven in the morning and worked without a departure time. She also said the undocumented workers had more and more chores to complete.

"My supervisor wanted me to clean her personal room, the kitchen, do her laundry and clean the gym. I didn't have the strength anymore,'' Marlly said.

Martha thinks it went on because workers would not report the abuse for fear of losing their job or being deported.

"I think people are tired of seeing so much mistreatment and so much abuse, one have to say what's going on because he could be re-elected,'' she added.

More, some undocumented workers were not given benefits such as vacations, medical insurance, or overtime pay.

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Many are saying this wine is 34% urine.