Report: Trump’s Tax Cuts Could Have Paid For 6,500 Miles Of His Border Wall

Screengrab/CBS Evening News/Youtube

S&P 500 companies have saved $174.5 billion from the tax cut alone since January 2018.

Building a wall on the Mexican border, President Trump's policy goal, could have theoretically already been achieved if it weren't for his signature policy accomplishment to date—the 2017 corporate tax cut.

Irrespective of the wall's political and social implications, it's an interesting thought experiment to think about. From the tax cut alone, S&P 500 companies have saved enough to pay for a wall stretching across the entire U.S.-Mexico border and across the Gulf of Mexico, according to Bloomberg.

And not only have they saved enough for one wall. They’ve saved enough for two, with $20 billion left over to spare. The total amount saved also would be able to pay, based on current funding, for the government's annual spending on the Special Olympics for the next 9,696 years.

Friday marked the end of the first quarter, and investors predict a disappointing earnings season. Profits will shrink a predicted 3.6% on average for S&P 50 countries, but the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act helped the companies save an estimated $30.1 billion in the first quarter alone. Since the beginning of last year, the firms have saved $174.5 billion, or enough to pay for 6,500 miles of a border wall.

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