Report: Trump’s Sister Retired From Federal Bench, Ending Inquiry Into Tax Fraud


Multiple complaints were filed after a New York Times article about the Trumps’ “dubious tax scheme” in the 1990s.

The New York Times reported in 2019 that President Donald J. Trump’s older sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, retired as a federal appellate judge. Her retirement rendered moot an investigation into whether or not she violated judicial conduct rules by participating in a tax scheme with her siblings, including the President.

  • A 2018 Times investigation concluded that the Trumps had “engaged in dubious tax schemes during the 1990s, including instances of outright fraud, that greatly increased the inherited wealth of Mr. Trump and his siblings.”
  • The Times noted that Barry benefited from the scheme and likely was also in a position to influence the family’s actions in the scheme.
  • Four different individuals filed complaints against Barry, alleging judicial misconduct.
  • Barry, who was nominated to the Federal District Court in New Jersey by President Ronald Reagan in 1983, was an inactive senior judge at the time. She did not hear cases or keep chambers or staff but was still one step short of retirement.
  • In a letter dated February 1, a court official informed the complainants that the investigation was “receiving the full attention” of a judicial conduct council. A conduct council can censure or reprimand federal judges. In rare cases, a council might refer a judge to the House of Representatives for impeachment.
  • However, 10 days later, Barry filed her official retirement papers.
  • As retired judges are not subject to the conduct rules, the investigation became moot. The investigation was dropped, and no finding on the merits of the allegations was made.
  • Scott Shuchart, a lawyer who previously worked for the Department of Homeland Security, was among those who filed a complaint. He said that he did so as a concerned member of the legal profession.

Schuchart added that he found it “galling” that Barry was no longer subject to conduct review “just because she changed from one form of retired status to another.”

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The whole family is corrupt from the get go. Going back at least four generations they have been cowards, liars, thieves and traitors. Why should anything change? Just wait and see what the next generation turn out like.

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