Report: Trump’s Rallies Have Left Trail Of COVID-19 Clusters Across The U.S.

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One Trump rally was declared a "super-spreader event" after 16 cases were confirmed and two people were hospitalized.

Counties where President Donald Trump has held campaign rallies since August have seen spikes in coronavirus cases in the two weeks following the events, a new analysis of infection rates shows.

In five counties across those three states – Blue Earth and Beltrami counties in Minnesota; Lackawanna and Dauphin counties in Pennsylvania; and Marathon county, Wisconsin – there were 1,500 more cases in the two weeks after Mr Trump’s rally than the two weeks before.

One of the rallies in particular, in Beltrami county, Minnesota, was officially designated a “super-spreader event” after 16 cases were confirmed among attendees, and two people were taken to hospital.

  • Trump has held at least 36 events since August, primarily outdoors at airport hangars. The most recent events were not included in the analysis, The Independent noted, because the effects cannot yet be determined.

On Friday the president held two rallies in Florida – one in Pensacola, and the other at the world's largest retirement community, The Villages, near Orlando. Hundreds of elderly residents packed into the area to hear Mr Trump warn of Joe Biden's "socialist" agenda, and see him dance to YMCA.

  • The news outlet noted that experts say it is impossible to know for sure where an individual contracted the coronavirus but “are unanimous in their assessment that gathering large crowds of people together in the midst of a pandemic, and not making face masks mandatory, is ill-advised.”

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