Report: Trump’s Postmaster General Is A Prolific GOP Donor

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Julie Zheng

Louis DeJoy has funded tens of thousands of dollars to GOP senators for their election.

Louis DeJoy, the recently appointed Postmaster General who has served as a major donor and fundraiser for President Donald Trump, has regularly given tens of thousands of dollars to Republican Senators and two official GOP committees, according to Salon.

  • DeJoy’s political fundraising has been under scrutiny since his appointment to the role.
  • Salon highlighted that DeJoy also “caught fierce backlash last week from Democrats and Postal Service employees after reports broke that USPS warned 46 states that their mail ballots might not be delivered on time for the November election, potentially disenfranchising millions of voters.”
  • The House of Representatives has called on DeJoy to “testify about what it sees as a troubling pattern to suppress votes in November’s general election, and has threatened him with arrest if he does not comply,” Salon noted.
  • Salon commented, “a number of DeJoy’s GOP beneficiaries are facing tight races this year: Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Sen. Martha McSally of Arizona, and Michigan Republican candidate John James, who is running against Democratic Sen. Gary Peters.”
  • DeJoy gave $2,500 to McSally’s 2018 Senate campaign and $5,600 to her current race. McSally has claimed the same concern over mail-in ballots as Trump, “despite a warning from Arizona's top election official that the president appears bent on sabotaging mail-in voting.”
  • “I disagree this close to an election [with] states or at the federal level having some sort of mass mail-in ballots to everyone on the voter roll,” said McSally. “I have some real concerns about that.”
  • DeJoy gave $11,000 to James, $5,400 for his 2018 race, and $5,600 for his current race. James has consistently trailed Peters, according to recent polls in Michigan.
  • DeJoy and his wife Aldona Wos donated a total of $48,500 to Tillis and Tillis’s affiliated committees, and have contributed to his election efforts since 2014. “Senator Tillis is confident in North Carolina’s strong absentee ballot program, is encouraging North Carolinians to vote absentee and believes we have a fair election,” Tillis campaign told the Raleigh News & Observer last week.
  • Graham, who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, also received $5,000 from DeJoy for his 2014 campaign. Graham has supported the USPS, saying, “The idea of cutting the Postal Service’s budget is not the right approach. I believe the president is trying to stop what he sees as an effort to have mass mail-in voting.”
  • “The current threats to the USPS are not only undermining Americans’ voting rights ahead of this election; they endanger the health and well-being of communities and small businesses across South Carolina,” said Manuel Bonder, spokesperson for the South Carolina Democratic Party’s coordinated campaign. “The fact that Sen. Graham has not taken any action to protect this essential service is yet another failure in leadership, and it is hurting South Carolinians.”

DeJoy also has donated tens of thousands beyond the Senate.

  • In 2014, DeJoy gave $50,000 to Karl Rove’s American Crossroads super PAC through LMD Properties LLC, a North Carolina shell company. DeJoy also gave $100,000 to the Trump inaugural committee.
  • DeJoy stated in a statement that “I take my ethical obligations seriously, and I have done what is necessary to ensure that I am and will remain in compliance with those obligations.” He merged New Breed, Inc. with XPO Logistics and served on the board of directors until May 2018. XPO has received “hundreds of millions of dollars in federal government contracts, primarily through the Pentagon - including more than $14 million in Defense Department contracts the month DeJoy stepped down,” Salon reported.
  • DeJoy also gave $5,200 to Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) for his 2018 campaign. DeJoy tried to donate $2,500 more, but it was returned because he had exceeded the limit for the election cycle.

As FEC records suggested, DeJoy has consistently “given so much money to so many Republican candidates that occasionally he loses track.”

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