Report: Trump's Obsession With Barack Obama Is Only Getting Worse With Time


President Trump has mentioned his predecessor 537 times during 2019 so far — a clear presidential record.

President Donald Trump’s obsession with his predecessor is only worsening with time, according to a CNN analysis.

Using data compiled by Bill Frischling of — a website that tracks each and every utterance to escape Trump’s lips in public — CNN found that the president’s mentioning of Barack Obama has increased 36 percent over last year and 169 percent from 2017.

From June through October, Trump used Obama’s name an average of 2.4 times per day, the news outlet reported. He mentioned his predecessor “106 times in June, the most of any month of his presidency; 80 times in October, his third-highest monthly total; 68 times in July, his fourth-highest monthly total; 61 times in August, his fifth-highest monthly total; and 51 times in September, his ninth-highest monthly total.”

By comparison, Obama only mentioned former President George W. Bush one time during the same period is his own presidency — and it was positive.

CNN reported: “On the 10-year anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Obama said, ‘After 9/11, to his great credit, President Bush made clear what we reaffirm today: the United States will never wage war against Islam or any other religion.’”

But Trump’s disdain for Obama is almost palpable.

Trump’s affinity for bashing Obama did not begin when he entered the Oval Office, CNN noted; rather, the president commenced his fixation with and blasting of Obama long before his emergence as a presidential candidate.

During Obama’s first term, Trump jumped on board and amplified the right-wing conspiracy theory that Obama was not an American and his birth certificate was fake. It only went downhill from there.

CNN noted that Trump has publicly wondered why people consider Obama a “great president” four times since August. At a campaign rally last week, the president “claimed he had beaten not only the "Bush dynasty" and "Clinton dynasty" but the "President Barack Hussein Obama dynasty."

And as is typical of Trump, when it comes to referencing a predecessor or opponent, he breaks the presidential norm: “ data suggests no other recent president came anywhere close to Trump's regularity,” CNN reported.

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