(Report) Trump’s name appears In the Panama Papers 3,450 times.

"Within the ICIJ database, Trump’s name appears 3,450 times"

According to Newsweek, the first appearance of Donald Trump's name in the Panama Papers has been discovered by investigative journalist Jake Bernstein, with a condo sale at the Trump Palace in New York. Trump's name appears in the documents, which detail previously-secret offshore dealings of the world's rich and well-connected, a total of 3,450 times

The latest revelations involve a Panamanian company called Process Consultans (sic), which was created as “an anonymous shell company” in 1985 by people not named in the Panama Papers.

Bernstein’s most recent finding marks the first instance chronologically of Trump’s name appearing in the Panama Papers but it is not the only time the President’s name appears in the documents.

In fact, the president's name shows up more than 3,000 times. In the end, Bernstein concludes ,

"[A]s long as everyone got paid — including Donald Trump —nobody asked too many questions.”