Report: Trump’s Lawyer Is Helping Kanye West Qualify For The Ballot

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Lane Ruhland, who represented the Trump campaign in court last week, dropped of Kanye West's signatures in Wisconsin.

The woman a local reporter recorded dropping off signatures that would qualify rapper Kanye West to appear on the Wisconsin ballot in November is a well-connected GOP strategist who just last week represented the Trump campaign in court.

  • According to VICE News, Lane Ruhland “recently represented the Trump campaign in its lawsuit to force Priorities USA, a Democratic super-PAC, to pull an anti-Trump ad off the airwaves.”
  • Ruhland, who “is one of a handful of GOP election lawyers in the state” and a “former legal counsel for the state Republican Party,” declined to comment during a phone conversation with VICE News. She reportedly “hung up when pressed on whether and why she was working for West’s campaign.”

“I’m going to leave any comment about the petitions, the papers and what’s going on to the campaign itself,” she told VICE News. “I appreciate your reaching out but I’ll let them comment.”

  • The news outlet also noted that in Missouri, “As New York Magazine first reported on Monday, West is working with Gregg Keller, an experienced GOP operative who worked on Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign as well as a glut of downticker races.”
  • It remains to be seen what, if anything, will come of West’s campaign, but as VICE News observed:

Republicans are hoping that if West is on the ballot he could siphon off votes from Biden, especially from Black voters. Given that dynamic, and the connections West has developed in conservative circles due to his connection to Trump, it’s not a shock that some GOP operatives seem keen to help him qualify for the 2020 presidential ballot.

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