Report: Trump’s COVID Treatment Is Estimated To Have Cost About $650K

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President Trump's medical care during his COVID infection would have cost about $650,000 out-of-pocket.

The medical care President Trump received during his coronavirus infection likely would have had an out-of-pocket price tag in the neighborhood of $650,000, according to Business Insider.

The cost estimate takes into account the president’s experimental drug treatments, three-day hospital stay, and his transportation to and from Walter Reed Medical Center.

Dr. Bruce Lee’s team at the City University of New York “created computer models to calculate the cost of care on the American health care system,” which includes COVID-19 treatment.

“If someone has a mild case, it’s not going to be as expensive,” Lee said. “When you start requiring hospitalization, the average or the median cost is around $14,000.”

However, for the president, the costs were likely significantly higher.

“Probably at the very least in the multiple hundreds of thousands,” Lee said. “And I would guess probably — it could very well be well over that.”

Business Insider broke down the likely costs:

  • The two weeks of hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure Trump said he took earlier in the pandemic would have cost about $155.
  • Assuming Trump has received at least one rapid coronavirus test each week since early March, which would be $35 tests, at an average of $200 each, the total would be $7,000.
  • Upon testing positive for the virus, Trump immediately received a monoclonal antibody treatment from the drug company Regeneron. A market price has not yet been set for this experimental drug, but a single dose of the treatment can cost around $100,000. Trump received a dose quadruple the amount received in clinical trials, per the company, likely adding nearly $387,000 to his total.
  • Trump was treated in Ward 71 at Walter Reed Medical Center, which is a special VIP wing reserved for heads of state and their relatives. While the cost here is unknown, VIP suites in other hospitals with more modest accommodations cost up to $4,000 per night.
  • The president also likely received diagnostic tests while at Walter Reed, such as chest x-rays or CT scans, adding another $570.
  • Supplemental oxygen, which Trump received at least two times, would cost about $480.
  • Then there is the five-day course of remdesivir, which would add about $3,120 to Trump’s total.
  • The dexamethasone steroid he received, reserved for those with pneumonia, would have cost only about $1, making it the cheapest therapy Trump would have received.
  • As for Trump’s transportation to Walter Reed, the median charge for air ambulance was about $39,000 in 2016. If three helicopters flew in formation both to and from Walter Reed, Trump’s transportation cost would be $234,000 for less than 15 minutes of flight time.

The grand total, according to Business Insider, would be about $647,525.

Watch the report here.

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