Report: Trump’s Campaign Paid $2.3M In Donor Money To His Private Businesses

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead / Public Domain


FEC filings show that President Trump's campaign has paid $2.3 million to his private business so far.

Federal Election Commission filings show that President Donald Trump’s private business has raked in $2.3 million in campaign funds to date, Business Insider reported on Tuesday.

  • “Forbes, which first reported on the filings, said that in one instance, Trump Tower Commercial LLC, which owns the Trump Organization's building on Fifth Avenue, received nearly $38,000 in campaign-donor money to cover rent last month,” Insider noted.
  • The Trump campaign also “shelled out $8,000 to the Trump Corp. last month for ‘legal & IT consulting,’ according to the FEC filings.”
  • In addition, the “campaign also coordinated with the Republican National Committee to pay Trump Tower Commercial LLC another $225,000, Forbes said.”
  • Trump’s personal finances have become entangled with his campaign before, Insider reported: “In July, The Washington Post's David Fahrenthold reported that Trump's campaign sent nearly $400,000 to the Trump Organization in just two days.”

Documents showed that the campaign channeled $380,000 to the president's personal business in 43 transactions, Fahrenthold said, adding that the Trump Organization told him the money was for a weeklong "donor retreat" at Mar-a-Lago in March.

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