Report: Trump Personally Stepped In To Reduce Medicaid Funding To Puerto Rico

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour/Public Domain


Trump has shown disdain for Puerto Rico several times since taking office, most notably in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

President Donald Trump personally stepped in to congressional budget negotiations in order to reduce Medicaid spending on Puerto Rico, according to a recent Politico report.

Earlier this week, congressional negotiators reached a budget deal granting $5.7 billion in Medicaid funding to the U.S. territory over two years, as opposed to the $12 billion over four years originally reached in a bipartisan agreement. That deal would have covered “1.4 million low-income Puerto Ricans — almost half its population,” Business Insider reported.

But Trump believed the amount was too high and personally involved himself to have Puerto Rico’s funding lowered, according to three sources who spoke with Politico. Lawmakers then went about dropping the number to its current status.

Despite the fact that Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens, a White House spokesperson said the change was "a win for President Trump and the American people.”

Trump has shown disdain for Puerto Rico numerous times throughout his first term, most notably in the wake of Hurricane Maria in 2017. Much of the island was devastated by the storm, and Trump took heat from government officials in the U.S. and on the island over his response to the disaster.

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