Report: Trump Is Looking To Make Bribery Legal

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President Trump believes American companies are harmed by a law preventing them from engaging in overseas bribery.

President Donald Trump believes America’s business sector is harmed by a law barring U.S. companies from making bribes in foreign countries, and now he seeks to overturn the law, according to Vanity Fair.

The revelation came to light in the new book, A Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Trump’s Testing of America, by Washington Post reporters Philip Rucker and Carol D. Leonnig.

The wrote that Trump mentioned the issue while discussing the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act with former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in 2017.

“It’s just so unfair that American companies aren’t allowed to pay bribes to get business overseas,” Trump said, according to a passage published by the Post. “We’re going to change that.” The law is designed to prevent individuals and businesses in the U.S. from paying money or offering gifts to foreign officials as a way to win business overseas. Critics of the law complain that it puts U.S. businesses at a disadvantage in places where bribes are customary.

And though it sounds almost too blatantly corrupt to be true — even in the Trump era — a current member of the administration confirmed last week that it is true: the president wants to release American companies from such ethical constraints.

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow told reporters at the White House on Friday, “We are looking at it,” Vanity Fair reported.

“I would just say: We are aware of it, we are looking at it, and we’ve heard complaints from some of our companies,” he added. “I don’t want to say anything definitive policy-wise, but we are looking at it.”

Vanity Fair noted that Kudlow once praised Trump for bringing millionaires and billionaires into his administration, because “Wealthy folks have no need to steal or engage in corruption.”

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