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The Trump administration hired a 22-year old Iowa State University senior Anthony Labruna, set to graduate in May, as a deputy White House liaison at the Department of Commerce, The Hill reported. 

The Commerce secretary’s office said in a statement that it is “looking forward to Anthony joining the Department of Commerce,” calling him “the right man for the job.”

Some officials have expressed dismay over Labruna’s hiring, saying they are “pretty concerned” he may lack experience.

The Office of the White House liaison helps oversee the appointment of top officials to vacancies in the department and helps with special reports and projects, according to the Department of Commerce.

The hiring follows the recent hiring of 23-year-old George Washington University senior James Bacon to an influential role in the White House’s Presidential Personnel Office.

Labruna and Bacon were reportedly tapped in part by John McEntee, Trump’s former personal assistant who was fired in 2018 then rehired to head the office. McEntee is tasked with vetting presidential appointments and recruiting candidates to work across different agencies.

Labruna was a paid staffer on Trump’s 2020 Iowa campaign and is a member of the Iowa Federation of College Republicans. He was listed as its vice chairman in 2019 as well as a clerk for state Rep. Jarad Klein (R).

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