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President Trump has blamed Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) for the spread of coronavirus in Florida, and is reportedly furious with the governor because he is now unable to hold rallies in the state, according to Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman.

  • The president had planned on delivering his Republican National Convention acceptance speech in Florida, but was forced to cancel because of the advice of public health authorities.
  • Trump has blamed the situation on DeSantis, despite the fact that the governor’s decision to reopen Florida’s economy was done with the encouragement of the president.
  • A Republican who spoke with President Trump told Sherman:

“He thinks Ron has made it a lot worse.”

  • A campaign adviser told the reporter that Trump is pushing the campaign to find a way to return to holding rallies, with the current thought being to hold them outdoors.
  • The adviser told Sherman: “Trump won’t be happy until he is doing multiple rallies a day.”

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