(Report) Trump Considers Mike Pence ‘Low-Class’ For Having Pets

President Trump was "embarrassed" that the Pence family brought pets to live with them, saying it was "low-class".

Vice President Mike Pence and his family moved their pets with them to their new home on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, which includes two cats, a rabbit and a snake. But according to President Donald Trump, that makes the Pence family a bunch of low-class "yokels".

Having pets has long been a part of American culture, and Trump's view that pet ownership is "low-class" does not seem to be shared by the majority of Americans.

Overall, around two-thirds of American households have pets, said Leslie Irvine, a sociologist at the University of Colorado.

“People across the socioeconomic spectrum love animals and have all kinds of pets,” said Irvine, whose well-known book, “My Dog Always Eats First,” chronicles pet ownership among the homeless. “Even people with no resources find ways to take care of them.”

Trump is one of only two known presidents who did not bring a family pet to the White House, the other being James Polk. But it is not as though the president has never lived side-by-side with a non-human family member:

He did live for a time with Chappy, his first wife, Ivana’s, poodle, she wrote in her memoir, “Raising Trump.”

“Donald was not a dog fan,” she wrote. “And Chappy had an equal dislike of Donald.”

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Any man who hates dogs and the Poor, the handicapped, the (Put in whatever oppressed group you want) can't be all bad...Actually he can be all bad!


lol walter77777 so true