Report: Trump Campaign Disputes The Picture Above Was Doctored


The Trump campaign tweeted that The Washington Post cited "without evidence" that the Trump-Rocky image was doctored.

President Donald Trump’s unexplained decision to tweet an image of his head atop actor Sylvestor Stallone’s body on Wednesday was met with ridicule and disbelief, Newsweek reported — along with a tweet from the Trump campaign disputing a Washington Post report that the photo was “doctored.”

The Post had reported that it was “unclear why” Trump shared the “doctored photo,” noting that it appeared to make use of an image of the character Rocky Balboa from the movie Rocky III's "promotional materials."

The Trump campaign shot back in a tweet: “Washington Post claims - without evidence - that @realDonaldTrump shared a “doctored” photo.”

Many social media users took the tweet as the president’s campaign joining in on the jokes that immediately followed Trump’s post, but others were not so sure.

"Team Trump is demanding to see some hard evidence that the picture Donald Trump shared that showed his head on Sylvester Stone's body in 'Rocky III' is, in fact, a doctored image," historian Kevin M. Kruse tweeted, according to Newsweek. "No, seriously."

Trump’s tweet also resulted in photos doctored in the reverse: Stallone’s head atop the president’s body:


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