Report: Trump Appears To Forget The Words To The National Anthem Again



For the second time during his presidency, Donald Trump appeared to forget the words to the national anthem.

During his appearance at a college football game over the weekend, President Donald Trump seemed to forget some of the words to “The Star Spangled Banner,” according to The Independent.

The president was caught on video during the national anthem, at which time he stopped “singing just before the penultimate line of “The Star Spangled Banner”, despite those around him continuing to recite the song.”

Trump rejoined the crowd in time for the anthem’s final line, The Independent said.

This marks the second time that Trump appeared to forget the words to the song, with the first being in January 2018 at a football game in Atlanta, Georgia.

The president’s national anthem missteps are noteworthy in large part due to his criticism of those who do not sing or stand during the song, particularly regarding football players who opted to kneel.

Those players, Trump said, “should not be in the country.”

The president was greeted by a cheering crowd at the Alabama game this weekend, unlike his experience in Washington, D.C., during the World Series, where Nationals fans loudly booed him.

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