Report: The Trump Campaign Is Helping A Top Adviser Dodge Child Support Payments

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Jason Miller claims to speak with President Trump daily, but Trump's 2020 campaign hasn't reported any payments to him.

According to HuffPost, President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is hiding payments to Jason Miller, a top adviser who claims he speaks with Trump daily but appears nowhere in the campaign’s expense filings with the Federal Election Commission.

  • Miller also happens to be “embroiled in a long-running dispute with a former lover over how much child support he can afford to pay,” the report notes.

Jason Miller, who joined the reelection team in late spring after having worked on Trump’s 2016 bid and who served as an informal adviser to him since 2017, has not once appeared in the 2020 campaign’s filings on its expenses with the Federal Election Commission. Also absent from the filings is Miller’s firm, SHW Partners LLC, for which he describes himself as a “principal.”

If Miller can be shown to have a higher income than he has detailed, a court could force him to pay more child support.

  • HuffPost reports that court filings related to the support dispute, which involves Miller’s former co-worker on the 2016 Trump campaign, A.J. Delgado, show Miller reported an annual income of $683,660 last year but argued he could not afford to pay $3,167 per month in child support.

For a period of six months early this year, he paid only $500 a month in child support ― despite reporting monthly personal expenses that included $1,500 for food and “home supplies,” $750 for meals out, $473 for maid service and $1,517 in car payments.

A filing last month in the case reported he had a current monthly income of $32,606 from his company but nothing from the Trump campaign. He has, however, resumed paying the $3,167 monthly in child support.

  • Delgado, with whom the married Miller had an affair that produced a son, claims the Trump campaign is helping Miller “skirt obligations as much as possible, as his income is directly relevant not only to child support and child support arrears he owes our son, but even relevant to attorneys’ fees.”

Neither the Trump campaign nor Miller responded to numerous HuffPost queries regarding the hidden payments over a period of many weeks. If Miller is being paid by someone else while he works on the campaign, that would constitute an illegal in-kind contribution.

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