Report: Steve Mnuchin Seeks To Hide Trump’s Travel Costs Until After Election


President Trump spends a lot of time away from the White House, but his administration isn't transparent on the cost.

The Trump administration is not eager to make public the price tags that go along with President Donald Trump’s travel to his various properties, according to The Washington Post.

In fact, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is pushing to delay an effort by Democrats that would require the Secret Service to disclose just how much it spends protecting Trump and his family members as they flit around the country and the world.

Mnuchin wants to hold off on the requirement until after the 2020 election, people familiar with the discussions told The Post. The issue was raised as Mnuchin works with lawmakers on legislation that would move the Secret Service back to the Treasury Department from its current location with the Department of Homeland Security.

Despite promises during the 2016 campaign to “rarely leave the White House” and cut back on what he characterized as wasteful travel by former President Barack Obama, Trump has made more than 50 trips to his properties since taking office, according to The Post’s count.

Documents obtained by the conservative group Judicial Watch revealed that taxpayers covered about $96 million for Obama’s travel over his two terms in office. Trump is likely to far exceed that number.

The Government Accountability Office reported that Trump’s travel over just one month in early 2017 cost $13.6 million. “If spending continued at that pace, Trump would have exceeded Obama’s total expenses before the end of his first year in office,” The Post noted.

But it is difficult to estimate just how much it costs when Trump leaves Washington — and another factor is the travel of his children.

Since their father took office, “Eric and Donald Jr. have made business trips to overseas locales including Ireland, Scotland, Dubai, Uruguay and India.”

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